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Desky Wooden Notepad Holder


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Desky Wooden Notepad Holder
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Desky Wooden Notepad Holder

The Desky Wooden Notepad Holder is a statement piece that embodies elegance, functionality, and a nod to the time-honored analog system. Designed to harmonize with your digital tools, it enriches your productivity ecosystem, offering a tangible and stylish platform for your thoughts, tasks, and ideas.

This notepad holder makes sure that your analog expressions are always within reach and beautifully framed by the warmth and texture of natural wood, whether you're sketching out plans, writing down reminders, or capturing flashes of inspiration. Embrace the perfect balance of digital efficiency and analog charm with the Desky Wooden Notepad Holder, and transform your desk into a space of inspiration and sophistication.


Eco-Friendly Material

Seamless Integration

Analog Synergy

Visible Progress


Eco-Friendly Material Made from high-quality wood salvaged from our desk-making process, this notepad holder is as durable as it is environmentally responsible.

Seamless Integration With its natural style, the holder suits any desk or office scheme, enhancing the aesthetic while providing a practical tool for organization.

Analog Synergy Designed to work alongside your digital tools, the Desky Notepad Holder helps you prioritize and focus without the distractions of the digital world.

Visible Progress Embrace the satisfaction of physically crossing off completed tasks, a simple pleasure that digital apps can’t replicate.

Natural Ergonomics

The Desky Wooden Notepad Holder offers a welcome return to the tactile experience of pen and paper in a world where screens are increasingly taking over. It’s designed to complement, not compete with, your digital tools.

By providing a dedicated space for your analog tasks, it encourages a more mindful approach to work. The Desky Wooden Notepad Holder not only holds your notes but also showcases your progress. As you fill pages with completed tasks and ideas brought to fruition, you create a tangible record of your productivity.

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Sustainable Support

Crafted from the finest hardwood offcuts, the Desky Wooden Notepad Holder is a testament to our eco-friendly philosophy. These offcuts, sourced from our desk manufacturing process, are transformed into a durable and stylish holder for your notepad. By repurposing what would otherwise be waste, we’re not only providing a second life to quality materials but also supporting sustainability.

Sustainable, FSC Certified

FSC certified: Desky supports responsible forest management and is committed to producing quality products from quality materials that are backed by globally recognised certifications. We source our raw materials from suppliers who have been independently verified as compliant with a chain of custody standards, meaning that materials are produced using legally-sourced wood fibres from certified sustainably managed forests.



Material Walnut
Surface Finish Clear Polyurethane Hard Wearing Finish

Whats Included Notepad holder, 50 x to-do list cards
Dimensions Length: 137mm x Width: 91mm x Height: 93mm
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