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  • dual monitor mount black
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Desky Dual Monitor Mount

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dual monitor mount black
Desky Dual Monitor Mount

VESA Compatible 75x75mm or 100x100mm
Screen Dimensions 30" and under
Screen Weight Capacity up to 10kgs per screen
Mount with desktop clamp

Flexible Desky Dual Monitor Mount

If you use more than one monitor at once then there’s no need to buy twice: the dual monitor mount is strong enough to carry two 30 inch monitors at once. Elevating your monitors can be extremely important for your neck, and even more so if you use two. Twisting the neck whilst under strain can cause pain as well as long term neck and muscle problems. 

You will also free up twice the space on your desk! The mount comes with  an inbuilt cable management system to help keep your office clutter free and safe from trip hazards. 

dual monitor mount

Quick 4 minute installation, no tools required!

Easy to adjust for optimal ergonomic position 

Integrated Cable Management System

Optimise your workspace and lift up your screen

Multiple Monitors at Optimal Height

Our monitor arms are engineered to provide as much movement and flexibility in positioning as humanly possible. A two join design on the arm of the mount and generous 400mm vertical arm movement along the mounts centre pole ensures that you can find your perfect placement. 

Our inbuilt cable management clip system will tidy and group all leads to keep them safe from damage, whilst keeping your desktop clutter free. Capable of carrying two monitors up to 10kg in weight, and a screen size of up to 30”. 

Optimise your Ergonomic Workspace

Providing  an eye level monitor and workspaces allows you to help maintain a good posture, avoiding neck and back strain. By reducing forward pressure from incorrect screen placement also allows for a less draining and more productive space.

Two joints and hinges provide total flexibility, whilst the inbuilt cable management ensures your desk is safe and clutter free. Solid construction means that our monitor arms will stand up to repeated changes of position and load without complaint. Desky, proudly supplying the best monitor arms Australia has to offer!

monitor mount 2 screens



LCD Screen Size30" and under
Weight Capacityup to 10kg per screen
VESA75x75mm, 100x100mm
Mounting OptionsDesk Clamp: 10-50mm
Laptop Mount CompatibleYes, Available Here

Arm Specifications

Product Weight12.5kg
Available FinishesMatte Black, Silver
Max Height400mm
Min Height175mm
Max Forward Reach390mm

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this will fit my monitor?

The Desky Dual monitor mount will fit any monitors that are compatible with 75mm or 100mm VESA mounts.  The VESA mount supplied simply screws onto the back of compatible monitors and easily clips into the monitor arm so you can add or remove your monitor from the arm quickly and without tools.

What monitor weights will this hold?

The Desky Dual monitor mount will support two monitors that weigh up to 10kg each.

Is there a monitor size/width limit for this monitor arm?

To ensure full range of movement and the ability to position both monitors side by side the maximum monitor size we recommend is 30 inches. If you are wanting to position two monitors larger than 30 inches side by side using a monitor mount we recommend using two of our Desky Single Monitor Mounts

How low and high can the monitor be positioned?

The lowest height that the monitors can be placed using the arm will depend on the height of your monitor itself -  the arm can be adjusted all the way down to the point where the monitors are touching the desktop. The upper height limit will be when the monitor arm clamp is at its highest possible position on the pole.   This means that the arm can be raised or lowered using the arms clamp mechanism anywhere along the 410mm high pole.

Do I have to drill a hole in the desktop to fit the monitor arm? How does it install?

The Desky Dual monitor mount does not require drilling a hole in your desktop and simply uses the included desk clamp to secure the arm directly to the desktop.

Can I use this monitor arm with other desks?

Yes!  This monitor arm can be used with any desk so long as the desktop thickness is between 10-50mm to use the desk clamp.

I have an iMac, can this monitor arm work?

If you have a VESA adapter for your iMac this monitor arm will work, as long as the model of iMac you have is less than 10kg.  If you do not have an iMac VESA adapter we do have the Desky iMac Monitor Arm that is specifically designed for iMacs.

What is the best ergonomic monitor height/position for me?

You can read our full article on how to setup and position your monitor arm in the most ergonomic position here. In short: 

Height - the ideal height for your monitor is when your eye level is just below the top of the screen. Tilting your head backward or forward can cause neck strain.

Distance - as a general rule, the length of your arm is roughly the distance you want between your eyes and the monitor. This will mean you do not have to crane your neck forward and will help to avoid neck and eye strain.

Can the monitor be locked to prevent it moving if bumped/knocked?

The base of the monitor arm will not move if bolt-mounted to the desktop or if the clamp is tightened correctly. However, it is not possible to fix the position of the arms in place or stop movement around the joints of the arm if knocked. The monitor tilt adjustment can be tightened so that its position will not change if accidentally knocked.