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Many people in Melbourne love sit stand desks because they offer a lot of health benefits. Standing desks have become popular with the work from home movement as many people have discovered they allow you to add movement and variability to your work day while staying on task.

Long hours spent sitting can lead to poor posture and tight muscles, which causes many problems including back pain or headaches. Additionally it could cause joint issues as well musculoskeletal imbalance in some people. Standing desks offer users improved posture, better blood circulation (which helps with weight loss), and can even burn more calories than sitting down - this is great if you're trying to lose excess kilos!

Why get a Desky Sit Stand Desk?

Desky is a trusted supplier of standing desks and ergonomic furniture in Melbourne. With a large collection of high-quality ergonomic products to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect desk for your home office needs.

From our electric adjustable desks that let you switch between sitting and standing to minimalist designs and solutions that save space, Desky has something for everyone. There is a reason our desk range is known as the stand up desk Australia loves!

Reducing your Sedentary Behaviour

68.3% of the Victorian population are overweight or obese, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). This is a significant increase from 60.9% in 2007. 

Being overweight is not only bad for your appearance, it’s also bad for your health. People who are obese are at a higher risk for developing heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health problems. In fact, obesity is now considered a major epidemic in the Australia.

Losing even a small amount of weight can improve your health in a number of ways. So, if you're conscious about your weight, make a promise to yourself to do something about it today. There are plenty of resources available to help facilitate healthy lifestyle choices.

For many, small changes to your lifestyle, such as standing instead of sitting at a desk, can help them to lose weight. Standing desks have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they are thought to burn more calories than sitting down. When combined with other healthy lifestyle choices like positive diet and exercise, standing desks can be a novel way to add movement to your day without having to change any major habits (besides sitting of course!)

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Our extensive range of colours and one of a kind desk tops mean you'll have no trouble finding the right desk to suit your home office in Melbourne. And at 25mm in thickness, your desktop can handle all the accessories you need. 

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