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It’s no surprise that many of our customers are unsure exactly what the best standing desk for them is. With so many options available, it can be confusing! We understand that our customers have varied needs, which is why we do our best to accommodate everyone. Whether you’re kitting out a whole office, revamping your home office to improve your health and lifestyle, or you only need something for once in a while, there’s a Desky desk for you. After countless conversations, we’ve found there are three big considerations when shopping for a new desk:


What do you need from your new desk? If you’re looking to revamp your home office, you need to consider exactly what you’ll be using the desk for to make the right choice. You might need a desk that’s suitable for both drafting and using your PC. Equally, you may need something just for the odd day WFH. Or you might need a desk for gaming in your free time. Either way, you’ll want a desk which suits your home and your style. Whatever your job and whatever your taste, we have a sit stand desk to suit all needs and spaces.


Where will you put your desk? Of course, the amount of space you have available will affect your final choice. Be sure to measure the area you will be using your desk, and if you’re designing a new office, consider carefully the layout you’re going for before diving in. Luckily, we have desks of all sizes, including L shaped desks, single desks and pedestals, to fit all home offices or gaming stations, no matter how big or compact.



How much can you afford to spend on your new desk? If you’re working from home for the long haul, or you’re lucky enough to have help from your employer, cost might not be a big deal. But if you’re improving a new office unexpectedly, only working from home occasionally, or you just don’t have big money to spend, you might think sit stand desks are out of your range. Think again. We have sit stand desks for all budgets.

manual stand up desk

Manual Desks & Converters

Super-affordable and electric free.

Pneumatic/crank desks with great stability.

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dual stand up desk

Desky Dual

Fitting most budgets, spaces and styles

World class stability and huge lift capacity at all heights.

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single stand up desk

Desky Single

Affordable & compact with no compromise.

Great stability and suits most heights sitting and standing.

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corner desks

Corner / L-Shape

For those who need maximum desk space.

Unbeatable stability, lift and perfect to maximise corner spaces.

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Desky Dual Adjustable-Height Standing Desks

Fits most spaces, styles, and budgets

sit stand desk with bamboo top

The Dual is our best selling standing desk, and it’s no surprise. Our painstakingly designed frame provides class leading stability, ease of operation, and an incredible range of options. For many, the Dual is the best fit.

That’s because the Dual is not only one of the most reliable and stable sit stand desks: it’s also one of the most customisable. That means that there’s almost definitely a Dual that will fit your work style and your home. Plus with the recent addition of our desks for small spaces based on the dual frame even the smallest of work spaces can benefit.

Frame Colours

desk frame colours

Matte Black, White, Silver

A good fit if:

  • You need a solid desk to suit your workstyle.
  • It’s important your desk fits your design scheme.
  • Your budget isn’t super tight.

There are endless options to customise your Desky: a range of wood choices, from Bamboo to Melamine, and sizes to fit all. With a choice of frame and desktop colours and multiple accessories, you can easily build the perfect desk for you. The guide below should help you select the best options for your needs.

Melamine Desktops

melamine desktop colours

Black, White, Sublime Teak, Select Beech, Curly Birch,Red Cherry, Burnished Wood

Our Melamine desktop is super hard wearing, stylish, and comes with 7 different choices of finish. Melamine is tough, scratch resistant, affordable, and easily adaptable to suit the style of any home or office. Starting from A$875.00, if you’re looking for a top quality desktop that won’t break the bank, this could be for you. Our desktops are available in three sizes: 1200 x 750, 1500 x 750, 1800 x 750. With a choice of White, Black, Burnished Wood, curly birch, select beech, sublime teak, or red cherry finish, there is a version of this desktop to suit nearly anyone. Cable management and up to 8 powerpoints can be added as options.
desky stand up desk curly birch top

Bamboo Desktops

Natural, dark

Our Bamboo desktop starts at A$899.00, making it a super affordable way of looking after the planet. Made from ethically sourced, sustainable bamboo, there is no compromise on quality. Bamboo is known to be durable and scratch resistant, and that’s not all: despite its strength, bamboo is super light. This allows for a range of sizes from 1200 x 750 right up to 2000 x 750, making the bamboo our largest (non L shaped) desk.
electric bamboo desk

Rubberwood Desktops

rubberwood desktop colours

Rubberwood is not only one of the toughest woods around: as it is only harvested at the end of its life cycle, rubberwood is 100% eco friendly and sustainable. It is also strong, flexible and resistant to fungus, bacteria and mould, making it perfect for making desktops. With our rubberwood desktops beginning from A$1,029.00, if you can stretch to a rubberwood desktop you’ll be buying a solid, hardwearing and aesthetically superior product. Available up to 1800 x 750 in size, and with a choice of Light Oak or Walnut finishes.

rubberwood desktop specs Shop
rubberwood stand up desk

Softwood Desktops

softwood desktop colours

Our New Zealand Pine Softwood desk is perfect for those who want a rustic, natural finish. Softwoods, despite the name, are not actually softer than other woods. In fact, this is just a term which describes how the tree grows, with softwoods like pine coming from coniferous (or evergreen) trees. Available from A$1,029.00, our softwood desktop is available from 1200 x 750 up to 1800 x 750, so should accommodate most setups easily with room to spare. All our cable management and monitor arms options are compatible.

rustic pine stand sit desk

We have added a few unique desktop cuts that are both ergonomic and functional. The world is your..scallop? With the addition of our scalloped tops, ergo edges, and 120 degree tops helping make best use of your workspace and keeping you ergonomically centered.

Straight Edge Desktops

custom standing desk height adjustable desk australia

Many woods & finishes available


Our standard desk shape, the humble straight edge has plenty to offer. For many, stylistically the clean straight lines are the best fit for their home - especially for anyone who has an eye for Scandinavian or minimalist design. The clean straight lines are only part of the charm though.

The lack of cut away or shaping maximises the useful desk space, allowing you more room for tracking, sketching or whatever else you might need it for. If you’re looking for clean sleek lines and maximum space, then our straight edge desks are available in all materials, so you have a huge range of choice.

Ergo Edge Desktops

If you’re in the market for a standing desk then it’s fair to assume that you might have been thinking of the physical benefits that sit stand working can provide. If you suffer from or are worried about postural pain, this Bamboo desktop was designed with you in mind. For those looking to either alleviate or avoid pain and related issues the ergo edge can make a real difference.

The sloped edge allows you to move closer into your workstation when standing and sitting, making the ideal posture easier to achieve. It also provides a surface to rest your wrists, helping to offset RSI injuries by supporting your arms while typing, drawing or tracking. Available from A$829, in White, Black and natural Bamboo finishes.

ergo swatches

Bamboo, Black, White

scalloped office desk

Scalloped Edge Desktops

melamine desktop colours

Black, White, Sublime Teak, Select Beech, Curly Birch, Red Cherry, Burnished Wood

Starting from A$935.00, our scalloped Melamine desktops allow the user to get closer to their workstation and allows a huge range of choice. Made from our super hardwearing, stylish Melamine, the Scalloped edge desk is available in a choice of 7 finishes: White, Black, Burnished Wood, curly birch, select beech, sublime teak, and red cherry.

All the usual optional additional features are available, including integrated cable management and additional powerpoints. If you want to maximise your choice and your wellbeing, while minimising your risk of back and muscle pain, the scalloped edge is just the ticket. 

scalloped desktop sizes Shop scalloped edge desktops

120 Degree Desktops

120 degree melamine desktop colours

Black, White, Select Beech, Burnished Wood

Our 120 Degree desk allows you not only oodles of additional desktop space, but the option to multi-task and/or work collaboratively with ease. Even more importantly, the layout is perfect for maximising space in offices to allow all of your team ample room to work, even in smaller promises.

Available in a single or triple configuration, you can tailor the layout to meet a range of complex work needs. Our 120 Degree desktop is available in four colours: Select Beech, Polar White, Black, Burnished Wood. So no matter how demanding the work or how stylish the office, the 120 can answer your problems.

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120 degree office desk

DIY Desk Frames

desk frame colours

Matte Black, White, Silver

The ultimate customizable option, our Single, Dual, Triple, Quad and L Shape frames are available as stand alone items. Using our guide, you can easily fit any desktop you want. So if your design scheme demands a bespoke desktop, or you want to convert an existing desk to a sit stand, check out our desk frame options.

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sit stand desk frame

L-Shape / Corner Desks

melamine desktop colours

Black, White, Sublime Teak, Select Beech, Curly Birch, Red Cherry, Burnished Wood

Ideal for maximising corner spaces or for those who simply need epic desktop space, our L shape desk has all this without compromising on stability, lift or style. Made from our super tough Melamine, the L shape is available in three sizes up to an epic 2000 x 750, and starts at A$1549.

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l-shape corner office desk

Desky Single Electric Stand up Desks

Our Most Affordable Electric Desk

desky single sit stand desk

For those who only need a home desk occasionally, or are on a tighter budget, we were determined to create a sit stand desk that gives all you need, at a lower price point. Enter, the Desky Single. Using the same design and technology as all of our frames, to ensure total stability and wobble free lift, the only difference with the single is that it uses one motor instead of two. This means the single is the most affordable motor-powered desk we produce, starting at only A$549.

The Desky Single would be a great choice if:

  • You want a sit stand desk withour blowing hole in the budget
  • You only have a minimal, lightweight set up.
  • Your budget isn’t super tight.
  • You only need a desk for semi-regular use.

Desktop Colours

desktop colours

Black, white

Frame Colours

desk frame colours

Matte Black, White, Silver


Manual Desks & Sit Stand Converters

Great for small spaces and small budgets

hand crank standing desk

Perhaps your “office” is really short on powerpoints, or you want to transform your existing desk at work into a standing one, you might consider a desk or riser from our manual stand up desk range.

Our range of pneumatic and hand crank sit stand desks are an inexpensive way to get that freedom of movement you desire without the high price tag of an electric standing desk. Perfect for getting you moving on a small budget.

We offer a few different powerless options, each with their own strengths. Learn more about our Desky Zero Sit Stand Desk Converter, Desky Air Lift Zero and Desky Manual Desks below.

A good fit if:

  • You’re short on power
  • You have a small budget
  • You need to turn a dining table or existing desk into an adjustable-height workspace.

Desky Zero Sit Stand Desk Converter

Small but mighty

The Desky Zero Standing Desk Converter is gas spring controlled. Press the lever and give a little lift, and it opens into a desktop with keyboard tray that can easily hold your laptop and peripherals. It also fits perfectly on a standard study room desk, and easily slides under your bed, in a wardrobe, or under the couch when not in use.

With the Desky Zero Conveter, you can get up out of your chair and moving for around $230

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sit stand desk converter

Desky Airlift

Our ultimate budget-buster

The Air Lift zero uses pneumatic power instead of electric motors. Meaning you can join the sit stand revolution for as little as A$499! Available in black and white and with an ultra durable particle board surface should stay as good as new for years to come.

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airlift standing desk

Desky Zero Manual Standing Desk

When Powerpoints are at a premium

The Desky Zero manual standing desk is crank activated. imply tuen the lever to get the desk and your body moving. The desk frame is robust due to its welded crossbar, and levelling feet make it suitable for any flooring. If this is your first foray into the world of sit stand working, it's a great entry level desk you can rely on.

With the Desky Zero Manual you can get up out of your chair and moving for under $500

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manual height adjustable desk