Why don't desks have keyboard trays anymore?
The evolution of office furniture often raises interesting queries. One such frequently asked question is: "Why don't desks have keyboard trays anymore?

Should your desk have a keyboard tray?

Often, individuals ponder whether it's beneficial to include a keyboard tray in their workstation. Using an adjustable keyboard tray can significantly enhance the ergonomic qualities of your desk.

Incorporating such Desky Keyboard Tray features can not only minimize the potential for musculoskeletal conditions but also diminish fatigue, fostering a more comfortable working environment.

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Benefits of Adjustable Keyboard Trays

  • Diminished Risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders: A well-positioned keyboard tray can help maintain a neutral arm position, reducing the risk of discomfort and injury.
  • Eased Fatigue: Keyboard trays can help distribute the weight of the forearms across a larger area, easing fatigue during long hours of typing.
  • Increased Comfort: Customizing the position of your keyboard can significantly increase comfort and productivity.

Do people still use keyboard trays?

Interestingly, the use of keyboard trays isn't obsolete. In fact, their utility finds particular resonance among Australians who are using adjustable standing desks.

Owing to their adaptability, these Height Adjustable Standing Desks allow meticulous adjustment of both monitor and keyboard/mouse heights.

Ergonomic experts tout keyboard trays as critical to achieving proper dual ergonomics, even more so in conjunction with standing desks.

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Can you add a keyboard tray to a desk?

While you might believe that incorporating a keyboard tray entails substantial hardware modifications, that's not always true. Some keyboard trays frequently involve drilling into the desk surface for mounting, making them incompatible with glass-top desks.

However, there are innovative keyboard trays designed specifically for modern desks that circumvent the need for drilling, ensuring easy attachment and minimal hassle.

If you have a desk drawer, you can also transform it to be a keyboard tray with this DIY method.

How to Attach a Keyboard Tray

  • Select a Suitable Keyboard Tray: Consider choosing a tray that doesn't require drilling, especially if you're working with a glass desk.
  • Follow the instructions: Each keyboard tray comes with specific assembly instructions. Follow these meticulously to ensure a secure installation.

What are the benefits of keyboard trays?

A keyboard tray adds value to your workspace, offering a myriad of benefits. It promotes ergonomic posture, reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders, and controls fatigue. Moreover, the customizable positioning of the tray allows for an even more personalized, comfortable, and productive workspace.


In conclusion, while modern desks may not inherently come with keyboard trays, their addition can greatly enhance workspace ergonomics. Specifically, they can mitigate fatigue, promote health, and foster productivity.

Especially with standing desks, trays offer the perfect antidote for achieving dual ergonomics. Despite perceived installation hassles, many trays are easy to attach, even to glass desks.

For the modern-day worker, cultivating an ergonomic space is invaluable in promoting wellness, comfort, and productivity with keyboard trays.

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