Why are desks 29 inches tall?

In the world of office furniture, desk height is a crucial aspect to consider. You might have found yourself wondering, "Why are desks 29 inches tall?"

This measurement isn't arbitrary but the product of considerations such as comfort, efficiency, and ergonomics.

Is a 29-inch desk too high?

Measuring a desk from floor to tabletop, you'll find that most fall within the range of 71.12 to 76.2cm. As per the ergonomic desk height calculator, this is a suitable height for individuals who are approximately 182.88cm tall.

So, to answer your question, a 73.66-cm desk is by no means too high for someone in this height range.

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What is a normal height for a desk?

Defining 'normal' height for a desk can be somewhat subjective, as it largely depends on the individual using it. Generally, a standard desk height falls between 73.66 and 76.2cm.

This height is largely accepted because it provides comfort and efficiency for the majority of users. However, a proper ergonomic fit should be individually tailored, considering both the chair and the desk styles of the user.

Finding the Optimal Desk Height

  • Evaluate your chair. A good chair will provide sufficient lower back support and allow your feet to flatly rest on the floor.
  • Measure your elbow height: While seated, your elbow height should match or slightly exceed the height of your desk to prevent strain on your shoulders and arms.

Is a 28-inch desk too low?

In terms of standard desk height, 71.12cm is not too low. It falls snugly within the range of 71.12–76.2cm, which is deemed suitable for individuals standing between 172.72cm and 177.8 cm tall.

Surprisingly, a mere couple of centimeters can make a significant difference in comfort and productivity levels throughout a workday.

Is a 27-inch desk too short?

Contrarily, a 68.58-cm high desk might be relatively short, potentially leading to discomfort and strain for the average adult user. They are, however, appropriate for younger individuals or shorter adults.

Ergonomic comfort is key, and a general guideline dictates that a desk shouldn’t be much shorter than 76.2cm for adult users to maintain a comfortable posture.

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Adjustability Can Be Key

If the standard desk height seems too high or low, consider an adjustable desk from Desky. These solutions are gaining popularity in Australia as they allow you to change the desk's height to your personal preference, blending comfort with productivity.


So why are desks 73.66cm tall? Historically, this height has been found to suit the majority, providing an optimal balance between comfort and functionality. It supports good posture, reduces the risk of strain, and facilitates efficiency.

However, ideal desk height is relative to the individual's height and comfort, emphasising the need for ergonomic evaluation. Therefore, investing in adjustable or customisable office furniture from Desky could prove beneficial for enhancing workplace comfort and productivity.

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