Where should I put my work from home desk?

Have you wondered, "Where should I put my desk in my home office?" Acquiring the perfect desk position to improve productivity and focus at work is a question numerous telecommuters empathise with. A central aim when configuring the home office includes securing ample light from a natural source.

Allow your desk to absorb as much sunlight as possible. Choose a desk position that is either aligned with the window or at a right angle to it if being directly in front of the window might divert your attention.

Should my desk face the window or wall?

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Let's address the doubt: “Should my desk face the window or wall?” Although a scenic view from the window might seem tempting, professionals often advise situating the table desk against the window, facing the room's entrance.

Office entrance visibility can enhance your awareness and prevent unwelcome interruptions, making this choice ideal for individuals with tendencies toward distraction.

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Which direction should my desk face?

A subsequent point to contemplate is, "Which direction should my desk face?" Improved mental functioning, concentration, and decision-making can often be achieved if your workstation is oriented towards the east.

For the home office setting where an east-facing setup isn't possible, a north-facing alternative often serves as an excellent secondary option. Adjusting your workspace's orientation when experiencing difficulty at work might render significant improvements.

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Where should your desk come up to?

A thoughtful question arises when setting up a productive and ergonomic home office: "Where should your desk come up to?" It is beneficial if your adjusted chair permits arms to bend at 90 degrees with forearms comfortably positioned on the desk surface.

This armpit-to-desk height ratio encourages a healthy posture, reduces fatigue and increases productivity. A Desky Keyboard Tray can further enhance this positioning, bringing your keyboard right into your lap and ensuring that your wrists retain a neutral position while typing.


To conclude, strategic desk location carries a remarkable impact on your work-from-home experience, influencing productivity, focus, and overall well-being.

Finding a spot imbued with natural light, setting the desk direction to face true east or north, and achieving a comfortable arm-to-desk height ratio will optimally support your successful home office setup. Our Home Office Setup Guide offers further tips for creating an ergonomic home office setup, just like the pros do.

Remember, the objective is to create an office setting adaptable to your unique needs, promoting job satisfaction and a healthier work-life balance.

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