What should I keep in my desk organizer?

If clutter is causing chaos in your workspace, a desk organizer is a necessary ally. Understanding what to keep within your desk organizer is vital for maintaining a high-functioning work area.

This article hopes to illuminate that subject and more. Read on to discover the key items to store in your desk organizer, the superior materials for these organizing tools, and various ways to intensify your desk organization game.

What do people put in desk organizers?

Desk organizer trays hold an array of office supplies. Imagine pens, scissors, and sticky notes, among other essentials, neatly arranged in one place. This not only enhances workspace aesthetics but significantly improves functionality.

Still, it is not a strict desktop necessity; wall-mounted systems offer an excellent solution for those seeking to conserve desk space.

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What are the best materials for a desk organizer?

The material of your desk organizer factors largely into its durability and aesthetic appeal. From robust wood to stylish metal and versatile plastic, there are numerous options to pick from, each with distinct pros and cons.

We, at Desky Australia, favor eco-friendly bamboo for its durability and elegance for your ergonomic workspace, as well as its environmentally friendly nature.

That’s why we created the Bamboo Desky Minimal Under Desk Drawer, a sleek and spacious drawer that attaches to the underside of your desk and keeps your essentials within reach. It's made of high-quality bamboo that is sturdy, smooth, and easy to clean.

How can I improve my desk organizer?

A well-structured desk organizer significantly enhances productivity. Ponder about your work habits—which items do you reach for frequently? Where do your eyes naturally drift? Position frequently used objects in easily accessible spaces.

Also, categorize items by use or preference to make them easier to locate. This creates a smooth workflow and reduces clutter-inducing stress.

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How should I organize my desk?

To supplement a high-quality desk organizer, crafting a strategic blueprint for organizing your desk achieves ultimate productivity. Start by emptying your work surface, inspecting each item, and only returning those that are indispensable.

Group associated items, ridding yourself of duplicates. Desk organizers come in especially handy for this task, acting as dividers for these groups. Additionally, maintaining consistent organization habits and decluttering periodically guarantees a neat workspace.

The effectiveness of a neat workspace has been scientifically backed by studies like this one.


Organizing your workspace is an invaluable productivity hack. Mastering the art of what and how to store in your desk organizer creates an optimal work environment, fostering improved workflow and performance.

A wise selection of materials ensures the durability and visual appeal of organizers, hence creating a relaxing work atmosphere. Lastly, remember that maintaining the organization is an ongoing process; routine decluttering is an integral part of this journey.

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