What is a good size desk for work from home?

Choosing the perfect desk for your home office largely depends on the available space for a home office setup. An optimal suggestion would be to allocate approximately 9 to 14 square meters per individual.

Such allocation ensures that the working environment remains comfortable and productive simultaneously. It provides ample space for essential office furniture, crucial equipment, and accommodating storage spaces.

Picking the Correct Desk Width

The desk width, often referred to as the desk's length, plays a vital role in its efficacy. For accommodating a computer monitor, a minimum width of about 63.5cm is considered ideal.

Desk manufacturers typically offer desks in standard sizes, including 122, 152.4, and 182.88cm. It's essential to consider the tasks expected to be performed on the desk while deciding the width.

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Average Office Desk Size

When we discuss office desks, we find that an average desk size tends to hover around 152.4cm wide, 76.2cm deep, and 73.66cm high. However, these dimensions can oscillate based on the furniture manufacturer or based on your space requirements and personal preferences.

The paramount element to keep in mind is the width of the desk, which will proportionally affect the workspace available.

Key Features of Optimal Work Desk:

  • A comfortable size allows for a pleasant and efficient work environment.
  • Fully accommodating: capable of supporting crucial equipment like a computer monitor.
  • Thoughtful dimensions: maintaining an average office desk size

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When picking a work desk for a home office, these factors play an essential role in ensuring comfort and productivity. An adequate workspace aids in maximizing efficiency, while the right desk size caters to individual needs and the available space.


Working from home has become the new normal, making it even more vital to consider these aspects when choosing the best size desk for a home office.

Not only should one consider the dimensions of the desk itself, but also the available space in the room. A small desk may be sufficient for those with limited space, but it can quickly become cluttered and hinder productivity.

On the other hand, a large desk may offer ample room for spreading out documents and equipment, but it could overwhelm a small office and make it feel cramped. Finding the right balance between size and functionality is key to creating a comfortable and efficient work environment at home.

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