What is a good depth for a desk?

When you've got work or study on your mind, the last thing you need is a desk that you can't comfortably use.

Therefore, in determining the best depth for your desk, considering your workspace requirements is paramount.

Is 20 inches deep enough for a desk?

One prevalent question in ergonomic workspaces is whether 50.8cm is a suitable depth for a desk. It is crucial to have adequate space to place the keyboard and computer mouse side by side.

Moreover, this setup should rest on a surface approximately 61 to 76.2cm deep and no less than 61cm wide. A desktop with such a spatial arrangement supports optimal comfort and efficiency.

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How deep should a built-in desk be?

If you're considering a built-in desk, your initial thought may concern the width. Still, understanding proper depth is vital, especially if you plan to spend extended periods at your desk. For regular use, a desk depth between 61 and 91.44cm strikes a balance between comfort and efficient use of space.

For every additional desk depth, remember to increase the depth of your shelves as well, ensuring that your workspace remains proportionate. If your space is limited, learn how to deal with small desk spaces effectively.

What is the ideal office depth?

Reflecting on the office desk's depth could initially seem excessive. However, the ranges between 50.8cm and 76.2cm have proven most beneficial for many.

In instances where the desk’s only requisites are accommodating a laptop and a few necessities, a depth spanning anywhere from 71.12cm to 76.2cm is pragmatic. Not only does it afford enough workspace, but it also takes storage considerations into account.

How does storage affect depth?

Storage is a crucial aspect for many office workers. Whether you're dealing with paperwork, stationery, or electronic devices, having storage space directly on your desk can significantly increase your productivity.

Thus, factoring in storage space when deciding your desk’s depth is a practical step.

How big should a desk be for 2 monitors?

For those who require a two-monitor setup, simply having a wide desk is not enough. In line with best ergonomic practices, we recommend a desk dimension of at least 140cm wide and 76.2cm deep.

Such measurements account for both adequate arm space and the requisite room to maintain proper posture. The desk size and height matter, especially when setting up multiple monitors. Discover what happens if your desk is too high and find suitable solutions on our website.

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Maintaining posture with larger setups

A larger desk setup means being mindful about maintaining proper posture. When using two monitors, it's crucial to adjust your seating and your hardware's positioning to prevent strain on your body. The right desk depth can alleviate that strain significantly.


In the end, the answer is not a fixed numerical value but a balance of your professional demands and personal comfort. Whether your workspace accommodates a flat surface for a mouse, a built-in desk, catering to office essentials, or hosting two monitors, the determination of a strong depth for a desk is best built on your unique requirements.

Remember that the benefits of ergonomic furniture are only as good as their use, so find what works for you and stick to it.

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