What is a blotter for a desk?

Intrigued by what a desk blotter is? Often overlooked but an essential office accessory, desk blotters or desk pads serve several benefits.

From safeguarding your workspace to improving aesthetics, there's more to them than meets the eye.

Do you need a desk blotter?

Desk blotters aren't merely decorative; they serve multi-fold purposes. One significant benefit of employing one in your workplace is its safeguarding ability. Leather desk blotters, for instance, provide a sturdy protective layer over your desk surface ensuring that it remains scratch-free.

Desk blotter accessories also enhance safety for your various devices. No matter if you own a high-end laptop or a modest mouse, a desk pad offers them a protective sanctuary.

But what if you're not particularly fond of your desk's surface? Well, blotters come to your rescue again, hiding what you don't wish to see with great poise and elegance.

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What is a desk pad called?

These multi-purpose tools, known commonly as desk pads, are sometimes referred to as blotters. Regardless of terminology, their function remains the same.

With a desk blotter, you can preserve the integrity of your valuable office furniture by creating a flat, smooth work area. As a result, your workstation becomes more organised, and paperwork, drawing, or any desk-bound activities become considerably more manageable.

How to make a desk blotter at home?

Creating your DIY desk blotter isn't as daunting as you may perceive. With some basic supplies and creativity, you can customise your own blotter that not only serves practical use but also matches your personal style and living space.

You could use items like cork sheets, fabric, clear desk pads, leather, or even cardboard to create your personalised workspace accessory.

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Can you write on leather desk blotter?

A common query that arises while considering a desk blotter's purchase is its versatility. Fortunately, we can assure you that you won't be disappointed! The surface of a leather blotter is a smooth, comfortable platform that lends itself to a multitude of tasks.

Whether you need to maneuver your mouse, jot down notes, or embark on a drawing project, a leather desk pad adapts to your needs seamlessly. Yes, you can literally write on a desk blotter, making it a stylish yet conducive workspace tool.


To sum up, a desk blotter or pad is more than just a pretty desk accessory. It offers protection to your desk surface and devices, improves aesthetics, organizes your work area, and can be custom-made to suit your preferences.

Versatile in nature, a high-quality blotter, especially one made of leather, can support your various desk tasks magnificently, from writing to drawing. Consider investing in a quality desk blotter to enrich your desk's utility and appearance.

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