What are the different types of chairs in office?

Office chairs, often taken for granted, play a vital role in productivity and workplace comfort. In Australia, these ergonomic pieces come in various designs, each tailor-made for specific tasks and environments.

Let's delve into office chair types to better understand their usage and role for an optimal working experience.

What kind of chair for office work?

Task chairs, frequently sighted in office environments, come with specific design elements that suit prolonged desk work.

These chair types feature adjustable seat height, a backrest, and a swivel base, offering customizable comfort suited for those long sitting hours. According to PhysioMed, a well-adjusted task chair indeed aids in maintaining proper posture throughout the day.

The speciality of Task Chairs

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Typically, task chairs prioritize comfort and adaptability; they:

  • Possess height adjustability function
  • Integrate a swivel base for easy movement
  • Provide liberating backrest for comfortable sitting posture

These chairs are great for long hours of sitting.

What are the chairs in an office called?

The ubiquitous chair that graces every office is commonly referred to as the desk chair or office chair. Designed for use at a desk, these chairs feature adjustable height and a set of wheels to ensure mobility remains unhindered.

A close look at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines mentions these design aspects as standard requirements for an office chair.

What type of chair should be used in a workplace?

A workplace chair should offer robust support for various seated postures. Inclusion of an easily adjustable backrest and flexible lumbar support is imperative to cater to lower back support.

A study published in the NIH affirms the importance of adjustable lumbar support in preventing work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Ergonomic chairs, such as the Desky Elite Ergonomic Chair are designed for just this purpose.

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What is the difference between office chairs?

Apart from ergonomic elements, office chairs bring an aesthetic flair with variations in style and color. Typically, managerial chairs focus on mobility and armrest comfort, while executive chairs offer added curvature and cushioning.

Available in a vast spectrum of colors, such as those from Desky's ergonomic chairs collection, from subtle grays to vibrant reds, companies can choose according to their office decor theme.

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Choosing Office Chairs by Style

  • Managerial chairs: Designed for mobility and arm support
  • Executive chairs: Provide enhanced curvature and cushioning

Choosing Office Chairs by Color

  • Office color scheme variety: Browns, silver, black, white, red, and more
  • Choice of color can match or contrast with office decor


In essence, finding the perfect office chair is much more than selecting a seat. From task to executive chairs, each type comes with distinct features to offer comfort, mobility, and functionality.

So, whether your office beholds a sea of cubicles or an expanse of corner offices, remember that the right chair fosters not only productivity but also wellbeing.

Choose wisely, because an office chair is more than just a place to sit; it's where great ideas begin to unfold. For further guidance on choosing the best office chair, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide.

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