Should you have a mat under desk chair?

Have you wondered how to protect your flooring from the wear and tear of your office chair?

A solution to consider might be the use of mats specifically designed for desk chairs, and understanding individual circumstances, such as the type of flooring, can help decide if it's an absolute necessity.

Should I put a rug under my chair?

To deter your carpet from daily deterioration and facilitate easier maneuvering of your office chair, adopting a low-pile rug can be an excellent choice. This goes particularly well if you're contemplating using a chair mat on the carpet.

Be sure to select a carpet that offers ample space for your chair to move around effectively and that complements the room décor. It must blend well with the rest of the office furniture and preserve the aesthetic harmony of the space.

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Is a rug or mat better for office chairs?

While an 8cm by 10cm chair mat can serve a functional purpose, area rugs infuse an additional degree of visual distinction, making them suitable if you value aesthetic appeal.

Alongside their role of protecting your floor, area rugs can help delineate workspaces, which is perfect for multi-purpose rooms. Additionally, they serve as a sound buffer, minimising echo during video calls and enhancing virtual meeting experiences.

What can I use instead of desk chair mats?

If, for some reasons, a chair mat isn't a feasible option, there are plenty of alternatives to consider. In Australia, low-pile rugs, as mentioned above, can be a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice.

Other alternatives might include bamboo roll-up chair mats, the use of felt furniture pads, or investing in comfortable and durable ergonomic office chairs with rubberized, non-marking casters. Your choice will greatly depend on the type of flooring, the aesthetic of the room, and your personal preference.

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Are chair mats necessary for hardwood floors?

Protecting hardwood floors from the impact of your office chair is crucial. While chair mats can serve this purpose, they're not the only option. If you like the look of your hardwood floor and wish to keep it visible, you might consider a woven area rug or a transparent one like the Desky Chair Mat.

This type of carpet can offer adequate protection against the constant movement of the chair wheels and allow you to maintain the beautiful and natural look of the hardwood floor.


In conclusion, placing a mat or a rug under your office chair is a smart move to ensure floor protection. Rugs not only offer a practical solution but also enhance the aesthetic setting of your office space.

If, however, a traditional office chair mat doesn't appeal to your aesthetic sense, there are various alternatives that can serve the same functional purpose while blending better with your office design. The choice is, ultimately, dependent on the user's taste, room decor, and the type of flooring. Protecting the integrity of your floor should always be a priority in a workplace setting.

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