How to make a makeshift monitor stand?

Caught yourself wondering how to elevate that monitor up a notch or two? We're here to guide you through the process. It's simpler than you might think, and a few household objects can suffice.

What can I Use Instead of a Monitor Stand?

Gone are the days when you're restricted to specific monitor stands. Many objects in your home can double as functional alternatives—for instance, sturdy bookends.

With a zero-cost approach, this no-rise stand only needs books or similar items for height adjustments. However, adding an elegantly designed stand from Desky can further improve your workspace.

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How can I Support my Monitor Without a Stand?

A simple construction project could be all you need. Consider utilizing bookends to create a low-profile stand. To elevate the setup, books or other stable objects can be stacked underneath.

But if DIY isn't your style, consider purchasing monitor arms or stands that are specifically built for this purpose. There are many options available in Australia. Make sure to only purchase from reputable brands such as Desky.

How can I Elevate My Monitor?

To clear up desk space and position your screen at the correct view, monitor stands and risers are indispensable tools. Apart from reducing clutter, they create additional surface space.

Space-saving designs cater to compact workstations, while more substantial stands are perfect for corner work spaces. Learn more from Harvard Health Publishing about the importance of the correct monitor placement for your health or explore the guide to choosing the best adjustable monitor arm for detailed information.

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Do you Need a Stand for a Monitor?

The benefits of a monitor stand extend beyond convenience, directly impacting your health. Adjustable monitor stands enable body position shifts throughout the day by altering the screen's height and angle.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; therefore, it's advisable to invest early in monitor stands and rid yourself of back, neck, and eye discomforts lingering around workstations.

Quick Guide:

  • Find substitutes: Seek items around you such as bookends and books, and turn them into useful stand-ins.
  • Be creative: Amplify your resources by stacking books or other stable objects underneath low-rise stands for added height. Or try out some DIY standing desk ideas by Desky.
  • Prioritize health: Adjustable stands offer more than convenience with their capacity to transform the whole workstation's ergonomics.


Creating a makeshift monitor stand doesn't need to be an arduous task. By employing readily available resources and a touch of creativity, you can erect a monitor stand custom-made for your needs.

Your workstation doesn't just need to be practical, it also needs to cater to your wellbeing. A monitor riser might be a worthy addition, but its impact on daily comfort and productivity can be profound.

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