How do you hide desk cords in the middle of a room?

Too often, desk cords become unsightly, obstructive features in our workplaces or homes—especially when your setup resides in the room's center.

Fortunately, comprehensive solutions tailored for cord management have been developed, fostering neater, safer, and more visually appealing environments. Let's delve into some options:

How to conceal computer cords on a desk in the middle of a room?

Cordial clutter is not just unsightly—it can pose potential trip hazards. For computer desks stationed mid-room, consider investing in cable management systems.

These systems range from under-desk baskets that prevent unsightly cord-dangling, cable containers that hide power strips, or cable ties to gather cords together neatly. Stick-on clips can also prove invaluable, serving as convenient storage for charger cables.

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How to camouflage extension cords in the middle of a room?

Extension cords in the open inevitably attract attention. However, simple workarounds, like cord covers that match your flooring, can do wonders.

For spaces with hardwood or tile flooring, try opting for adhesive cable raceways. Otherwise, consider cord covers designed for carpets.

How do you channel a cord to the middle of a room?

In the event of cords needing to traverse mid-room, self-adhesive clips are your answer. Using these clips, you can stealthily guide cords along furniture legs or hide them beneath your desks.

For more helpful tips, refer to our article on How to Organize Cables. Cords and Wire.

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What are the secret tricks of interior designers for hiding cords?

Design professionals harbor valuable tips for taming cord chaos. Some go-to strategies include:

  • Concealing cords in plain sight by blending them with decorative features or wall color,
  • Favouring wireless technology,
  • Transforming cord-carrying furniture, like our Ultrawide Heavy Duty Monitor Arm from Desky, into design statements,
  • Utilising cord hiders that integrate seamlessly into your decor style.


In our digitized era, cords are inevitable. Yet, their interference with visual aesthetics doesn't have to be. From cord management systems to furniture rearrangement, there's a plethora of solutions for center-room desk setups.

Professionally endorsed tricks and well-designed cord organizers can keep your space tidy and hazard-free. Transforming cord mess into neatness is not only possible but, paradoxically, also an opportunity to elevate your center-room desk.

Adjust your cord pathways, invest in necessary items, and soon you'll enjoy a neat, cord-free view.

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