How do I keep my cords from falling behind my desk?

It can be challenging to get around the chaos that countless cords and wires cause at your workspace. However, with the right tactics in place, you can keep your desk organised and maintain those pesky wires effectively.

In this article, we delve deep into the best practices for managing cords and making your workspace as efficient and clean as possible.

Keeping Your Charging Cord from Falling Off

Dealing with your charging cord constantly slipping off your desk has a solution—utilising a cable clip holder (more commonly referred to as cord clips). By securing your charging cable with these clips, you can minimise the risk of them dropping and ensure a clean and neat setup in your home or office.

It is especially important when using desks with a larger height range, such as the Desky Dual Hardwood Sit Stand Desk which can go from 60cm right up to 125cm.

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Hiding Cords Behind Your Desk

A clutter-free workspace can be achieved by efficiently managing your cords; which includes making them unnoticeable. One way to achieve this is by using under-desk wire baskets.

These baskets, which can be easily mounted at the back of your sit stand desks, provide an accessible and efficient storage solution for numerous cords. In cases where your desk has a covered back, an under-desk raceway makes an excellent alternative due to its capability to handle multiple cords.

Adhesive drawers that can be affixed under the desk also act as effective storage for adapters and cables, making your cords not only manageable but virtually invisible to the unaware.

Guiding Cords and Wires to Stay in Place

Ensuring your wires stay in their designated route can be a trying endeavour. However, cord clips with an adhesive side provide a reliable solution. These clips can secure the cords at the back of your desk and along the legs, generally creating a neat and clear pathway.

This minimises tangling, wire damage, and the ensuing mess, which is especially handy when using small desks in tight spaces, such as Australia's favorite Desky Dual Mini Sit Stand Desk.

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Securing Wires from Falling Off the Desk

To prevent your cables from falling off the desk, an unconventional yet highly efficient tool is a large bulldog clip.

By utilizing one of these clips at the edge of your desk, you can arrange your cables through the gap towards the clip body, then flip back the arm. This setup enables you to have instant cable retractors at your disposal, keeping your wires secure and organised.


In conclusion, keeping your cords from falling behind your desk doesn't have to be constant chaos—even the smallest home or office can remain well-organised with the correct accessories and organisation approaches.

Cable clip holders, under-desk baskets, and large bulldog clips can all play a significant role in maintaining a clean and orderly workspace. So, don't let cords contribute to your stress; remove the clutter and breathe easier with a tidy, organised desk setup.

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