How do I keep my chair from sliding down?

Bouncing up and down in your office chair like a yo-yo can be tedious and distracting, not to mention ergonomically disastrous.

Here at Desky, we've gathered insights on this common issue in ergonomic office chairs, offering solutions to the problem. So, how do you keep your seat from a continuous descent? Dive in!

Repair Solutions for a Drooping Chair

Consistent plummeting in your chair can be infuriating. Fortuitously, there are ways to resolve this issue. Below are key strategies for fixing a chair that continually sinks:

  • Adjust tension in the chair: Tightening the tension can help mitigate the sliding issue.
  • Replace the gas cylinder: If the seat sinking persists, replacing the defective gas cylinder, also known as a chair lift, might be necessary.
  • Use a hose clamp: As a temporary solution, a hose clamp can restrict the chair's vertical mobility, preventing the chair from sinking. You can read more about this in our guide on how to fix a sinking office chair in five Easy steps.
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Investigating the Chair's Consistent Sinking

To understand why your chair keeps sinking every time you take a seat, you need to comprehend the basics of chair mechanics.

Ergonomic chairs typically contain pneumatic systems, essentially chambers filled with air that allow the seat to go up and down. But if your chair can't hold its position, it's likely due to a worn-out or defective cylinder.

Securing Your Seat's Position

It can feel like a constant battle trying to maintain your chair's optimal height. Here are some strategies to help your chair retain its position:

  • Regular maintenance: frequently tighten bolts and screws to secure parts.
  • Adjust your chair's height. Make sure the chair's height is suitable for your desk and workstation. An improper alignment can induce unwarranted pressure, causing the chair to drop. Adequate chair height is especially crucial for people of different statures.
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Addressing Continuous Sliding

Apart from constantly lowering itself, your chair could be giving you a literal run for your money by making you slide off. Smooth surfaces on your chair, like silk or nylon upholstery, might induce sliding.

Inadequately cleaned surfaces and using detergents containing alcohol could also cause sliding due to a worn-out seat. To eliminate the slipping, you can reupholster your chair with a grip-friendly fabric or clean your chair with proper upholstery cleaners.


Ultimately, the durability of your chair depends on consistent maintenance and careful use. You could avoid the frustration of having a sinking or sliding chair by investing in a high-quality ergonomic chair like those that Desky Australia offers.

Proper maintenance, the use of adequate cleaners, and immediate attention to any malfunctions can significantly extend the lifespan and functionality of your ergonomic office furniture. Comfortable seating is paramount for productivity, and we at Desky are always here to assist you in achieving that balance.

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