How do adjustable chairs help?

The value an adjustable chair brings to your workspace is hard to overstate.

In this FAQ article, we at Desky share detailed insights into how such chairs help enhance your health and boost productivity.

Why is it Essential to Use an Adjustable Chair?

In the endless quest for optimal comfort, an adjustable chair emerges as a significant tool. By enabling you to maintain a relaxed and natural position throughout your workday, height-adjustable chairs are instrumental in alleviating discomfort.

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By eliminating the pressure points that are commonplace with stationary chairs, they create a comfortable workspace and promote better circulation to reduce numbness and discomfort in parts of your body, particularly in your lower limbs. Besides, adjustable chairs, often known as swivel or office chairs, are synonymous with flexible, ergonomic seating.

What Makes Rotating Chairs Beneficial?

The distinct capacity for movement sets swivel chairs apart, making them a highly favored choice for many office-goers in Australia. Their design curtails the need for unnecessary twisting and turning, providing the user with a greater range of movement while comfortably seated.

For individuals prone to lower back complications, these chairs can significantly diminish the strain they experience during movements while seated and can help maintain good posture.

How do Adjustable Chairs Function?

Gas or pneumatic cylinders, powerful devices that channel pressurized gas through a chamber, play a pivotal role in the functioning of adjustable chairs.

This force propels a piston within the chair to move, enabling the seat to rise or descend as necessary, creating an efficient seating solution designed with your comfort in mind.

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What are the Advantages of Posture Chairs?

Ergonomic chairs, often lauded as 'posture chairs', offer a multitude of benefits, with the amelioration of back pain taking the lead. These chairs provide a backrest conforming to the natural curvature of your spine, unlike conventional chairs, which offer insufficient support for the entire back.

Furthermore, choosing a comfortable chair for your study can significantly enhance your posture. Their high-back design and reclining function allow rest at an angle beyond 90 degrees, promoting comfort and preventing musculoskeletal discomfort, as explained in this Spine Health article.


Adjustable chairs, with their capacity for modification and the resulting comfort they offer, play an indispensable role in any workspace. They're not just chairs; they're productivity-enhancing tools that cater to your comfort needs across long work hours.

Adopting such ergonomic inventions in your workspace can drastically reduce discomfort, improve circulation, and promote better posture, collectively leading to a healthier work environment and an enhanced work experience. At Desky, we understand that taking care of your wellbeing doesn't end at the office door.

The power of ergonomic office furniture to enhance your physical health and work productivity is increasingly imperative as we consider new approaches to work-life balance. Explore our range of adjustable chairs today and step into the future of work comfort.

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