Can you write on a felt desk pad?

As a prominent part of any workstation, a desk pad is more than just a decorative element. It offers a convenient and welcoming surface for writing and other regular tasks.

It plays a significant role in keeping your workspace clean while protecting your desk from scuffs and scratches. Today we delve into the question: Can you write on a felt desk pad?

Can You Write on a Desk Pad?

Yes, you can write on a desk pad. A desk pad is a mat that covers the surface of your desk and provides a smooth and uniform surface for writing or typing. Desk pads can also protect your desk from scratches, spills, and ink stains.

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Can You Write on a Leather Desk Pad?

With their luxurious texture and aesthetic appeal, leather desk pads are an abundant favourite among Australians. Besides looking and feeling great, a leather pad offers an excellent surface to write on, as it interacts positively with most writing implements.

Uniquely, over time, the material wears in, not out, and begins to develop a unique patina that captures the history of your endeavours.

What Material is Best for a Desk Pad?

Desk pads come in an array of materials to cater to diverse work needs and personal preferences. Some of the popular choices include:

  • Genuine leather
  • Vegan leather
  • Plastic
  • Felt
  • Cork
  • Polyester
  • Microfiber

Each material holds its own unique advantages, making the selection of a desk pad ultimately a matter of subjective choice.

What is the Point of a Desk Pad?

Desk pads serve a variety of purposes beyond just improving workspace aesthetics. They provide a protective layer for your desk against the rigours of everyday usage.

They keep your table free from scratches caused by placing items such as pens, laptops, or coffee mugs. Simultaneously, a desk pad can also function as a novel mousepad, offering your mouse a smoother, more controllable surface than a bare table.

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Functionality of a Desk Pad

With its multiple purposes, a desk pad can also aid in organising your workspace by providing a clearly designated area for work, thus improving your overall productivity.

Additionally, placing certain devices, like a laptop, on a desk pad can assist in heat absorption and dissipation, ensuring your desk stays in prime condition longer.


In conclusion, writing on a felt desk pad is not just possible but advisable for an effective and enjoyable writing experience. Whether your preference leans towards traditional leather, eco-friendly cork or felt, or any other material, a desk pad serves multiple purposes and enhances your workspace's functionality and looks.

Choose the right desk pad based on your needs, and transform your ordinary desk into an ergonomic, productive workspace. At Desky, our aim is to offer you the tools for an ergonomic, efficient workspace. Feel free to explore our range of desk pads to add a touch of functional elegance to your office setup.

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