Can you fix gas lift chairs?

Hassles with common office accessories like gas lift chairs might sometimes leave us pondering questions like, ‘Can you fix gas lift chairs?’. Let's demystify this topic for you!

Why does my gas lift chair keep sinking?

Typically, the sinking problem occurs when your chair's pneumatic cylinder, which is essentially a spring charged with air, fails to retain its functionality. This sinking sign is a red flag that your cylinder is giving up.

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The cylinder extends out of the chamber, causing the air inside to expand and the seat of your chair to descend. Persistent sinking thus indicates a non-functioning cylinder. You can learn more about this and find some easy ways to fix this common issue in this article on How To Fix A Sinking Office Chair: Five Easy Steps.

Why won't my gas lift chair go up?

If your office chair stubbornly refuses to ascend or descend, then a defective gas cylinder or lift mechanism is usually to blame. Rather than making the outright expensive decision of buying a new chair in Australia, you could consider replacing the gas cylinder personally or utilising professional chair repair services.

Troubleshooting this issue can provide a more economical and environmentally friendly solution. For some actionable steps that you can take, you can refer to this guide explaining what makes an office chair go up and down and how to solve it.

Do gas lift chairs run out?

Yes, one of the crucial elements to maintaining your office chair’s performance and lifespan, the gas strut, could eventually surrender to wear, tear, and damage.

Over time, depleted gas struts may cause uncomfortable seating or uneven height adjustments. Replacement of the gas strut is therefore inevitable at some point to ensure your chair's longevity and functionality.

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Can an office chair be Regassed?

Regassing of chairs, though less known, is indeed possible and serves as an effective fix for sinking chairs. A defective gas cylinder affecting the chair's lift can be replaced to resolve this issue.

Some cylinders may necessitate replacement if they are unstable, loose, off-center, or wobbly, thus obstructing your chair's optimal operation and comfort.


Gas lift chair issues, whether they be sinking, functionality failure, or others, can indeed be fixed. Chair sinking is a symptom of a dysfunctional airspring, while an obstinate chair could point to a faulty lift mechanism or gas cylinder.

The longevity of gas lift chairs is commonly linked to gas struts, which may need replacement over time. Regassing can also be an effective solution for faulty gas cylinder problems. All these details, when understood and acted upon, can help you maintain your chair's performance and extend its lifespan.

Remember, a well-functioning chair is not only an office necessity but also contributes significantly to maintaining our health and productivity in the long run.

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