Are low back chairs better for your back?

Are you struggling with the choice between low back chairs and high back chairs for your workspace? Understanding the impact of your choice can drastically affect your back health.

Discover the impact of chair selection on posture and, more importantly, the health of your back.

Is it better to sit high or low in a chair?

Optimal chair height can significantly improve your overall comfort and reduce strain. Positioning yourself higher on your chair can contribute greatly to alleviating neck, shoulder, and back strain.

Especially when your work requires prolonged hours of looking down at a computer, sitting up higher can decrease eye, neck, and upper back strain. Consideration must be taken to ensure correct ergonomic posture. You can read a more in-depth discussion on this on Is It Better To Sit Too High or Too Low?

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Finding the right chair height

  • Adjustable seat height for personal comfort.
  • Feet are placed flat on the floor or footrest.
  • Avoid dangling feet.
  • Knees at or below hip level.

What kind of chair is best for a bad back?

For those experiencing back issues, the selection of a chair becomes even more critical. Research supports the effectiveness of saddle chairs in promoting healthier spine postures, including for the upper body, head, and neck.

Compared to other ergonomic furniture options, saddle chairs have a reputation for reducing injury risk. Explore our best ergonomic chairs for lower back pain

Benefits of saddle chairs

  • Maintains the natural curve of the spine.
  • Engages core muscles.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Promotes active sitting.

What is the best seat for a bad back?

What constitutes the best chair for lower back discomfort? An ergonomic chair built for maintaining good posture and replete with a supportive backrest, adjustable seat height, pan depth, and armrests can offer vital assistance.

Further, a firm seat and backrest contribute to maintaining spinal alignment, reducing the strain exerted on one's back.

Are backless chairs better for you?

A surprising contender in the realm of ergonomics is the backless chair, such as ergonomic stools. Backless posture chairs encourage diverse movements by adopting varying positions, which improves overall posture.

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Despite their unexpected structure, they are an excellent choice for those interested in periodically shaking up their sitting habits for better health.

Improved posture with backless chairs

  • Mimics the benefits of standing.
  • Strengthens core muscles.
  • Boosts energy and productivity.
  • Relieves tension in the back and neck.


Whether high or low, backed or backless, your chair can be instrumental in either preventing or exacerbating back issues. By understanding these dynamics, you can make healthier furniture decisions for your workspace. Work comfortably, work healthily.

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